nothing but blues ukulele

Nothing But The Blues

Throughout October I decided to play nothing but the blues. It didn’t matter if there was something else I desperately wanted to learn, it would have to wait.

Why did I do this I hear you cry (ok maybe I can’t hear you but if you’re still reading you must be interested).

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The Best Ukulele Tuners

A tuner is a bit of a necessity if you’re a ukulele player. They’re inexpensive, easy to use and usually pretty accurate. I highly recommend that all beginners grab themselves a clip-on tuner but they’re also pretty useful to have around whether you’re a gigging musician or just enjoy playing at home. Continue reading

Find Your Local Ukulele Group

The Ukulele Group Map

I’ve recently been working on a mapping tool to help people find their local ukulele group. It’s early days yet and you can see that it needs a lot more content adding but it’s a good starting point and I’m hoping that the readers of Ukulele Go will help me out a little…

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