one chord songs ukulele

One Chord Songs On Ukulele

I was watching some harmonica lessons a few weeks back and one those lessons was to restrict your improvisation to a single hole which gives you just 2 notes to play with. It’s a real challenge to try and play something interesting with just 2 notes and it makes you focus more on other things like timing and dynamics/volume. Without a doubt it improves you as a player, so I wondered how that might be adapted to ukulele.

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Ukulele Parts Diagram

You should really take the time to get to know your ukulele, otherwise when you hear someone mention the nut or the saddle you’re not going to have a clue what they’re talking about and you might end up looking the fool.

Getting to know uke

To add to the other million ukulele diagrams out there I’ve created one too…


Hopefully it should all make sense to you. But to give you a bit more information…

The Head

The head of the ukulele holds the tuning pegs and makes a great place to leave your clip on tuner attached to.

Tuning Pegs

The tuning pegs are for helping to get your ukulele in tune. Usually when your ukulele is quite new, you’ll find that you need to tune up each time you pick up to play but once your strings are stretched out you shouldn’t need to do this quite so much.

Tuning pegs mainly come in 2 varieties, geared tuners (usually found on laminate ukuleles) and friction tuners which are often found on more expensive ukuleles. This is a very general rule of thumb though.

Neck & Frets

This is the place where your fingers will spend most of their time. The frets run across the neck getting closer together the further up the neck (towards the body) they are.


Ukulele bodies come in different shapes. The most common shape is the double bout (seen on the diagram above) but there are plenty of others on the market – there’s even a few flying Vs! Generally, the larger the body, the louder the ukulele.

Bridge & Saddle

Together the bridge and saddle have the job of passing the vibrations from the strings to the top of the ukulele in order to get it to make an audible sound.

Important Strumming Pattern

The Most Important Strumming Pattern You’ll Ever Learn

If you were only ever going to learn one strumming pattern assuming that you’ve got a few basic strumming patterns down, I’d definitely recommend you make it this one. I’ve heard this strumming pattern referred to as ‘old faithful‘ in the past because of it’s versatility. It works on just about any song and is a great pattern to default back to if you’re not sure what pattern you should be playing… Continue reading