Ukulele Brands

There’s no shortage of ukulele brands out there and it’s difficult to know the good ones from the terrible. Hopefully these pages will help you to determine which brands are worth paying attention to and which brands you should avoid.

  • Baton Rouge

    Baton Rouge are a German brand that make excellent entry level ukuleles

    Baton Rouge Ukuleles
  • Cordoba

    Cordoba have a large range of ukuleles that are well reviewed.

    Cordoba Ukuleles
  • Ibanez

    Ibanez are a long standing guitar brand that has turned their hand to ukuleles

    Ibanez Ukuleles
  • Kala

    Kala are one of, if not the biggest ukulele brand in the world

    Kala Ukuleles
  • Kamaka

    Kamaka make some of the finest ukuleles in the world

    Kamaka Ukuleles
  • Kanile'a

    Kanile'a are a Hawaiian ukulele brand that make professional grade instruments

    Kanile'a Ukuleles
  • Lanikai

    Lanikai make entry level ukuleles and are a part of Hohner

    Lanikai Ukuleles
  • Luna

    Luna ukuleles have a very distinct look and appear all over YouTube

    Luna Ukuleles
  • Mahalo

    Mahalo are a Japanese ukulele brand that make entry-level ukuleles

    Mahalo Ukuleles
  • Noah

    Solid Vietnamese handmade ukuleles at affordable prices

    Noah Ukuleles
  • Ohana

    Ohana are a Californian ukulele brand with a great reputation for quality

    Ohana Ukuleles
  • Outdoor

    Outdoor ukulele make composite plastic all-weather ukuleles

    Outdoor Ukuleles
  • Stagg

    Stagg make entry-level (mainly laminate) ukuleles

    Stagg Ukuleles