Cordoba Ukuleles

cordoba ukulelesCordoba started making acoustic instruments back in 1997 and have built a strong reputation in the industry. Cordoba are based in Santa Monica, California but their ukuleles are now made in China. For a while they were built in Portugal which was a nice tie to the pre-Hawaiian origins of the ukulele.

Cordoba find themselves in a pretty unique position in that they’re popular with beginners but plenty of professionals play them too. In Jose Gonzalez, The Gipsy Kings and Bon Iver they have an impressive artist line-up.

cordoba ukuleles

Cordoba have a strong ukulele range, their best-selling 15SM soprano ukulele leading the way (also available in concert and tenor scales). One of the reasons that Cordoba sell so well is that they look great and the attention to detail is fantastic. I love their satin finishes and Abalone rosettes. Reviews around the internet are very favourable and they often appear on entry-level recommended lists.

Recommended Cordoba Ukuleles

Cordoba 20SM

This soprano scale ukulele has a solid mahogany top and features a striking herringbone pattern rosette. The satin finish to the body gives it a look beyond it’s price tag. Aquila Nylgut strings finish this off nicely and I’m always a fan of more than 12 frets on a soprano.

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