Kala Ukuleles

Kala UkulelesKala are a relatively new ukulele brand that was started in 2005 by Mike Upton. Despite their short history they have a huge range of Kala ukuleles and are one of the biggest selling ukulele brands in the world.

Based in Petaluma, California Kala also have a presence in Hawaii and Virginia.

Makala Ukuleles

At the entry-level price point Kala have their sub-brand Makala. The Makala brand has an impressive range of ukuleles including their recent plastic Waterman ukuleles and the much respected Makala Dolphin.

Kala Ukuleles

Although Kala ukuleles can be bought very cheaply, their large range of ukuleles mean they are well represented at all price points. The Kala Elite range go well into the thousands. Kala are quite an easy brand to recommend to anyone looking to buy a ukulele for a few reasons – firstly they have a large range that start at affordable prices but also for the quality they have become known for since their inception.

Kala are no strangers to innovation – alongside their plastic Watermans, Kala’s U-bass has also proved to be incredibly popular with many famous musicians adopting them.

Recommended Kala Ukuleles

Makala Waterman

The Waterman is an all plastic ukulele that was inspired by the 1950’s Maccaferri ukulele. They’re loads of fun and make great instruments for kids as they’re pretty bulletproof but sound good enough to be taken seriously. Check out my review of the Makala Waterman.

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Makala Dolphin

The Dolphin is a much-respected entry-level soprano ukulele. They’re among the best ukuleles that can be bought at the price point and are really popular with younger children due to the bright colours they’re available in.

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Kala U-Bass

The U-Bass is a hybrid baritone ukulele and bass guitar. It produces the same pitch as a standard bass using polyurethane strings. The U-Bass is incredibly popular and starts at around $300.

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