Kanile’a Ukuleles

Kanilea UkulelesKanile’a are one of the most respected brands in the ukulele world. Based in Kaneohe Hawaii, Kanile’a was founded back in 1998 by husband and wife Joe and Kristen Souza and continues to go from strength to strength almost 20 years later.

It’s fair to say that if you’re looking at buying a Kanile’a ukulele then you take your instruments pretty seriously. Quite simply, they make professional grade ukuleles. Kanile’a ukuleles start just under the $1,000 mark and go all the way up to around $4,000. The range is relatively small, Kanile’a isn’t a huge company. At the time of writing there are just 17 models listed on Kanile’a’s website – they’re very much a quality over quantity brand.

Kanile’a are known for their incredible high quality and attention to detail. Their use of traditional woods alongside some fairly progressive build methods have really raised the bar in the premium ukulele market. There’s a clear love of not only the instrument but the crafting process that is evident in all Kanile’a’s. You’d struggle to find anyone with a negative word to say about them. A reputation that they’ve worked hard to develop over the past 20 years.

In Aldrine Guerrero, Kanile’a have one of the biggest names out there really championing the brand. The Ukulele Underground frontman is not only a skilled musician but has taught many to play with his online ukulele courses and can regularly be seen playing a Kanile’a in his online videos.