Lanikai Ukuleles

Lanikai ukulele are often mentioned in the same breath as Kala and Ohana. They’re a reputable brand that are known for making good quality instruments. Lanikai are part of Hohner so if you’ve ever played a Harmonica you’ll more than likely have come across them at some point.

The similarities between Lanika and Kala aren’t without founding. Kala founder Mike Upton used to work for Lanikai (shortly before leaving to set up Kala) so it makes sense that there are similarities between the two brands.

Lanikai ukuleles span a fairly large range. They start with decent quality affordable entry-level laminate ukuleles like the LU-21 which is often used in education and has had favourable reviews from a lot of sources but range right up to the more serious high specification Hawaiian made range. That said, Lanikai are generally more in the beginner range of the market.

Like Kala, Lanikai are an innovative company and have a few interesting developments such as the Uke-SB – the first USB ukulele and more recently their TunaUke range with it’s independent saddles to help with better intonation.


Recommended Lanikai Ukuleles

Lanikai produce good ukuleles. I’ve played a few and they’ve been great so you won’t go far wrong if you decide on a Lanikai, but here are a few that are worth a look…

Lanikai LU-21

The LU-21 is a well respected entry-level ukulele that makes a great starter ukulele for anyone looking to start playing. It’s affordable but good enough to give you a solid platform to develop your skills with.

Hawaiian Series

Lanikai’s Hawaiian made series are built on the island of O’ahu to a high specification and a worth a look for those that take their instruments a little more serious.

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