Luna Ukuleles

If you spend any time on YouTube you’ll likely have seen more than a few Luna Ukuleles in your time. They seem to be really popular with younger players, particularly with girls. 

Luna started out as a guitar manufacturer and over time have diversified to include ukuleles in their range. Their designs are fairly unique are probably one of the main reasons that they sell as many ukuleles as they do. Luna as a business know their audience well.

One of Luna’s original founders Yvonne de Villiers left the company late in 2015 although it’s unclear how much of an impact (if any) this has had on the business.

Their ukuleles start at fairly affordable prices without being overly cheap (not in the same bracket as Mahalo for example) and at the higher end they’re around the intermediate market.

I’ve personally only ever played one Luna ukulele and it played fine without knocking my socks off. I’ve seen and read fairly mixed reviews around the web, for every hater there seems to be someone that loves their Luna.

Luna are probably not a brand I would seek out when looking to buy a ukulele but I’m hardly their target audience.


Recommend Luna Ukuleles

Luna Peace

The Luna Peace ukulele is one of their more popular designs (I’ve lost count of the amount of these I’ve seen on YouTube) and if looks are a big part of what you go for then this could well be the ukulele for you. It’s a laminate ukulele with a laser cut peace sign that forms the sound hole. It has a graphite nut, rosewood fingerboard and bridge.