Noah Ukuleles

noah ukulelesNoah are a well respected UK ukulele brand whose instruments are handmade in a climate-controlled workshop in Vietnam.

Whilst relatively young as a brand (established in 2012) Noah have built a strong reputation for making quality all solid ukuleles that are also affordable. Notable ukulele players like Ben Rouse, Liam Capper-Starr and Michael Adcock are among Noah’s many fans.

The man behind Noah ukuleles is Matt Cohen. Matt spent 5 years living in Vietnam where he became friends with a family of luthiers. Shortly before his return to the UK Matt decided to set up a business to bring the instruments back with him. Noah are named after Matt’s son who was born in 2011 in Vietnam while Matt was living there.

Noah Ukuleles

Noah have recently expanded their line to include electro-ukuleles which are fitted with fisherman sonitone.

Noah ukuleles start at around £170 for a mahogany or monkeypod soprano and rise up to around £280 for a baritone.

If you’re interested in trying out a Noah ukulele then it’s worth visiting one of the many ukulele festivals in the UK where they are regularly on show and are popular with attendees.

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