Ohana Ukuleles

Ohana are another California based ukulele brand that are very well respected in the industry. Ohana ukuleles are made in the far east but don’t let that put you off. Like Kala they have a strong reputation for quality and have a huge range of ukuleles to choose from.

Those of you that have spent any time on the website will know that I play my Ohana SK-25 quite a lot (it’s also my son’s favourite ukulele) and although it took a little bit of adjusting to, it’s now my go-to ukulele.

Although Ohana do make entry-level ukuleles for beginners they are slightly more expensive than Kala or Lanikai ukuleles. Their solid and part-solid ukuleles are well worth a look and won’t break the bank – from around $150 you can grab yourself a good quality all-solid ukulele that will stand the test of time.

In Ken Middleton Ohana have a great ambassador – the International Marketing Manager is an inspiration to many ukulele players out there. Ken can often be seen travelling the world attending various ukulele festivals and his YouTube channel is well worth a look if you get a few minutes.


Recommended Ohana Ukuleles

Like Kala and Lanikai it’s hard to pick out a bad ukulele from Ohana but here are a couple that are well worth a look…

Ohana Sk-21

Ohana’s sopranissimo is a 12-fret pocket ukulele (well, almost pocket sized) that is pretty well specced out. It’s a solid wood ukulele with a bone nut and saddle and is one of the best rated sopranissimos on the market.

Ohana CK35S

This concert scale ukulele is an all solid mahogany ukulele with a rosewood bridge, fingerboard and bone nut and saddle. Pretty much every Ohana comes with an understated look that I’m a big fan of and this one keeps that trend. It’s a very well put together ukulele with a satin finish that has a real clarity to it’s sound.