Outdoor Ukuleles

outdoor ukuleleOutdoor Ukulele are a family owned company that make composite polycarbonate ukuleles. Based in Bend, Oregon, Outdoor Ukuleles are designed to stand up to camping, backpacking and general travelling.

According to Outdoor’s website the Outdoor ukulele has been played on the Amazon River and in the Arctic Ocean among other extreme locations. There’s actually not a gerat deal more about Outdoor on their own website which is a shame as I think they’ve got a pretty good story there.

outdoor ukulele

Outdoor ukuleles come in a range of colours and are available in soprano and tenor scales. I personally own an Outdoor Ukulele Tenor (in bottle brown) which I really like and enjoy playing (you can read my full review of the Outdoor Tenor here).

Outdoor’s Competition

There are other plastic ukuleles out there – Kala/Makala’s Waterman is the main competitor here but there is fairly significant difference between the two. Where the Waterman is very competitively priced, the Outdoor is a little bit more pricey and it all comes down to the manufacture. The Waterman is waterproof but that’s about it. The Outdoor is able to withstand very high physical and temperature ranges – I’ve even seen one buried in the snow for a period of time and picked up and played afterwards. It’s a much more serious instrument.


Outdoor Ukulele actually started as a Kickstarter project under the name of Plastic Uke. Since they received funding and started the project the Outdoor has had a number of revisions and the brand has gone from strength to strength. Initial production focused on just a soprano scale ukulele but Outdoor have since added a Tenor to their collection.

All Outdoor ukuleles come strung with Rye Rabbit strings unless you place a custom order. Rya Rabbit are Outdoor’s own ukulele brand of strings. I found them to be quite mellow which works well on a plastic ukulele.

If you’re a serious outdoors type that would love to be able to take a ukulele along with you on your adventures then the Outdoor ukulele is a great option.

Visit Outdoor Ukulele’s Website