Let Her Go Ukulele Lesson Passenger

Let Her Go Fingerstyle Ukulele Lesson | Passenger

Hey everyone, Alissa is back with another brilliant tutorial (you might remember her from the brilliant lesson she did on Sam Smith’s Too Good At Goodbyes earlier in the year). This time she’s taken her skills to the beautiful Let Her Go by Passenger.

Let me start by saying that Alissa is a very talented player and this isn’t one for the feint-hearted. Alissa has said that she actually found this one quite tough to get down. That said, if you’re up for a challenge and really want to push yourself, this is a great lesson for you to sink your teeth into.

The Lesson

Alissa has included the tabs in her video to help you out. She very kindly plays each section at full speed and then slowed down alongside the tab. If you need to, don’t forget that you can slow down YouTube videos by hitting the icon at the bottom right (this is such a useful tip when you’re leaning from any video).

Here’s what Alissa has tab looks like. Hit the button below to get the full PDF version (it’s closing in on 2mb so if you’re using mobile data, just be aware of that).

Let Her Go Ukulele Tab

Let Her Go Ukulele Tab

Playing Tips

I asked Alissa for some playing tips to help you out and she pointed out that it can be really useful to leave out the down strums while you’re getting to grips with the picking and add them back in later when you’re feeling more confident.

If you watch the video closely you’ll see that Alissa focuses most of her picking on her index and middle finger – these 2 fingers covering the C, E and A strings for the most part. She does occasionally throw in her ring finger but only really when she needs to pick three strings at the same time.

You may find that you naturally find an approach that you like, if you do and it’t not hindering you I’d encourage you to go with what’s working for you.

Huge thanks to Alissa for letting me post this one on the site. Extra kudos points if you spotted that she’s used my blank tab sheets to tab this one out. Don’t forget to subscribe to her channel, she’s got some great videos on there.

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4 thoughts on “Let Her Go Fingerstyle Ukulele Lesson | Passenger

  1. Dear Alissa,
    Ohhhh! Thanks so much!
    I love this song (Let her go-Passenger) and my brother has an ukulele but I don’t know how to play it. By watching your lesson video and this blog, I can learn how to play for FREE at home. I have already subscribed your channel and hope you’ll read this reply.
    Best wishes,
    Your handsome fan!!!

    1. Hey alissa! Thanks so much for this.
      I would like to say at the person who posted this thanks as well. I only saw that at the twelfth note at the picture in the video it is written was 0, 3, 2 and in the picture as 0,2,3.

      Greets from tessa
      The Netherlands

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