Celtic Tunes For Campanella Ukulele

Celtic Tunes For Campanella Ukulele Difficulty: Intermediate
Price: $19

Give your fingers a workout with this excellent ebook. Written by Jonathan Lewis, Celtic Tunes for Campanella Ukulele features 40 campanella arrangements for you to tackle.

Contained within the download is the 99 page tab PDF, individual MP3s and YouTube links to each tune.

This is a great book for those looking to move beyond simple arrangements and it will really help you learn to move around and understand the ukulele fretboard.

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What Will I Learn?

After working your way through the arrangements within the book you will become a much more proficient player. You’ll understand the fretboard so well that you’ll be able to begin arranging your own tunes in a campanella style.

By the end of the book you’ll also a completely new arsenal of impressive tunes to perform.

List Of Tunes

The rather impressive list of tunes contained in Celtic Tunes For Campanella Ukulele is…

  1. Banish Misfortune
  2. The Blarney Pilgrim
  3. Brian O’Lynn
  4. Dingle Regatta
  5. The Exile’s Jig
  6. The Frieze Breeches
  7. The Hag with the Money
  8. The Humours of Glendart
  9. The Irish Washerwoman
  10. The Kesh
  11. The Monaghan Jig
  12. Morrison’s Jig
  13. The Mug of Brown Ale
  14. Saddle the pony
  15. Tripping up the Stairs
  16. The Walls of Liscaroll
  17. Cooley’s Reel
  18. Drowsy Maggie
  19. Jackie Coleman’s Reel
  20. Jenny’s Chickens
  21. The Maid Behind the Bar
  22. Saint Anne’s Reel
  23. The Ships are Sailing
  24. The Silver Spear
  25. Sweeney’s Buttermilk
  26. The Tarbolton
  27. The Wind that Shakes the Barley
  28. The Belfast Hornpipe
  29. Chief O’Neill’s Favourite
  30. The Factory Smoke
  31. The Heather Glen
  32. The Rights of Man
  33. Roxburgh Castle
  34. The Silk Handkerchief
  35. Dennis Murphy’s
  36. John Ryan’s
  37. Captain O’Kane
  38. Carolan’s Welcome
  39. Loftus Jones
  40. Planxty Hewlett

If you’re really looking to get to grips with campanella or you’re just looking to add a new dimension to your playing then this ebook offers excellent value at $19.

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