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As I spend so long scouring the web for ukulele stuff (tabs, shops, books, anything really) and forget where most of it is I’ve created this page to keep all that in one place. I’m trying to keep the quality of this listing really high so if you think you make the grade, give me a shout!


Shops (UK)

I’m a big advocate for trying before buying which you obviously can’t do if you buy online. That said, not everyone has a decent ukulele store nearby so here are some of the retailers with better reputations in the UK.

Shops (USA)

Although I’ve not personally bought anything from Hawaii Music Supply myself, they have an amazing reputation and it would be one of the first places I visited if I needed a new uke and I lived in the US. Equally it’s worth mentioning Mim’s Ukes – I have never heard anything but great things about Mim’s Ukes. Both are worth a look.



I do like having books as a resource, partly because they don’t come with the distractions of reading online. Here are some of the better ones…


Sometimes those chord tools and dictionaries come in really handy…

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  1. Petey, someone at Jay Nunes’ Christmas Eve zoom jam said you were having a jam on your FaceBook page on Christmas Day (tomorrow). True?

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