Ukulele Strings

Strings are a pretty big area of debate when it comes to ukulele and if you’re a bit of a newbie then it’s pretty easy to get tangled up (yep, I went there!) with various different recommendations.

Ukulele strings have a huge impact in the sound of your ukulele. Without doubt it’s the first thing I would look to change if I’d inherited a ukulele that didn’t sound particularly pleasing. Firstly strings are relatively cheap and secondly they’re easy to swap (if you’re not sure how to change ukulele strings, head this way).

My favourite ukulele strings

Personally I love Aquila’s New Nylgut strings. They’re cheap (around £6), they’ve got a great punchy sound to them and they have this fantastic ability to be able to hugely improve the sound of a laminate ukulele.

aquila strings

If you dig around the internet what you’ll find is initially a lot of people recommending Aquila strings, then as you dig deeper you’ll find people recommending against them in favour of something else like Worth, Martin or D’Addario. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. It doesn’t matter what someone else likes, it matters what you like. For me that’s Aquila, for you it might be something completely different – some people even use fishing line!

Aquila don’t endorse me or pay me any money to say I like their strings (although you wouldn’t hear me complaining if they did), I like them because I like them.

If you do intend to buy Aquila strings for your ukulele then please make sure that you buy them from a reputable store. There are a lot of counterfeits out there (for a while Aquila included an ingredient which glowed under UV light in an attempt to stop this) so I’d probably steer clear of the likes of eBay unless you know for a fact that it’s a well known store.

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