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5 Reasons Why The Ukulele Is A Great Instrument For Kids

If you’ve got kids that are starting to get interested in music then the ukulele is a great instrument to start them off with. Typically kids (particularly boys) see a lot of appeal in a guitar but the learning curve is quite steep and it tends to become a dust gatherer in most houses. Here’s my top 5 reasons why the ukulele is great instrument for kids to learn…

1. Ukuleles aren’t expensive

An entry level ukulele that isn’t just a piece of junk that constantly goes out of tune will set you back around $50 (£35). That’s not much to pay for a musical instrument that will give you years of use. It’s also not that much if it does end up collecting dust. Check out some of my recommended beginner ukuleles.

2. Ukulele skills can be used on guitar

Although the ukulele has less strings, different chord shapes and a different method of strumming, a lot of what you learn can be transposed to the guitar. Getting your fingers used to fretting chord shapes, understanding rhythm and working songs out are all skills that you can take with you if ever you want to transfer to a guitar.

3. Ukuleles are small

Yep, ukuleles are pretty small. You can take them around with you easily which  means you can practice pretty much anywhere. Because of the size they’re not overly loud and kids find them easier to play as a result. It also means they’re pretty easy to store somewhere or just keep near you.

4. Ukuleles have a great learning curve

It’s pretty easy to get a few chords under you belt and start playing songs in a very short space of time with a ukulele. This means that when you’re starting out you’re not constantly becoming frustrated with difficult chord fingerings. The guitar is a little less forgiving – even the basic chords will take quite a bit of work to get your fingers doing what they should be.

5. Ukuleles sound an awful lot better than a recorder

In the UK over the years the recorder has been the instrument of choice to help kids get to grips with music and learning an instrument. Aside from the fact they’re cheap, I can’t really think of many more reasons why that would be the case. Recorders even when played well don’t sound great. A ukulele is a considerable step up from a recorder in every sense and if you work in a school this should music to your ears.

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