Christmas Cover Versions on Ukulele

I’m not a fan of Christmas songs, I think it’s because there’s only around 5 of them and being 35 years old I reckon I’ve heard them all roughly a million times each by now. With it being December and all though, I’ll make an exception. Here’s a few covers all done on ukulele that I liked for one reason or another. I tend to like the raw cover versions on YouTube, as soon as I see anything that resembles a professional microphone I’m out.

Wonderful Christmas Time – Give Me Motion

This cover of the Paul McCartney classic has a great little rhythm throughout.

Last Christmas – Sungha Jung

It wouldn’t really be much of a list without one of Sungha Jung’s amazing arrangements on it. Here he is  doing a bit of Wham.

Merry Christmas Everybody – Sirobb

A guy that look a hell of a lot like Goldie gives us a fingerpicked version of Slade’s monster hit.

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree – Brian Yu

If you’re ever home alone and you need to pretend everyone else is with you, this is the song.

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