Exclusive Ukulele Content

Introducing Exclusive Ukulele Content

I’ve joined forces with Jon from Jon’s Ukulele to create some amazing new exclusive ukulele content.

Jon and Dave Ukulele

Jon is a fantastic ukulele player that makes me look like a complete amateur. He’s pretty much the best Campanella player out there and has allowed me to post some brilliant tabs in the past on Ukulele Go

Together we’re creating monthly lessons that are aimed at taking your playing to the next level. During the video lessons, Jon and I discuss and demonstrate tips and techniques which will help you advance your ukulele skills. Alongside the video lessons, you’ll find exclusive tabs and song sheets to support the lesson.

We think its a fantastic way to develop your skills and we want you to get involved too. 

We’ve launched the exclusive content on Patreon which allows us to distribute the content and communicate directly with you.

What you get

  • Access to exclusive monthly video lessons with Jon and myself
  • Supporting lesson tab/song sheet
  • Additional content, tips and tricks

The cost to access the content is $5/month (currency conversion done via Patreon) and we’re hoping you’ll find it really useful. We’re also hoping that you’ll feel like a part of what we’re creating and help to shape future lessons. This is a two way thing.

Ukulele Go on Patreon

Grab my free Ukulele Go! beginners pack featuring tips, chords, worksheets and more!

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