The Ukulele Chord Quiz

I just launched this simple quiz to test your knowledge of ukulele chords. The quiz shows you 20 different chord boxes and asks you to name the chords.

I built the quiz as a bit of fun but hopefully it will help you start to think about how chords are formed and how chord shapes work and give you access to a lot more chords quickly and easily.

Ukulele Chord Quiz

At some point I’ll expand on the quiz so that it operates from a huge bank of chords. The chords used at the moment are fixed and there’s nothing in there that’s overly tricky. It’s aimed more at beginners and intermediate players than those of you that have been playing for years but that could all change.

Try The Ukulele Chord Quiz

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions!

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7 thoughts on “The Ukulele Chord Quiz

  1. That’s pretty fun. At first I was hoping for a “finish” button – i.e. “I give up”, but I’m kind of glad it forced me to keep trying as I initially got 14, but eventually managed 19 with persistence. I even went through a couple of my chord apps to try to get the last one (F#m) and then made the dangerous discovery (for this game anyway) that one of my chord apps has a reverse lookup function.

    1. Hey Glenn, glad you found it useful. I thought about having a ‘I Give Up’ option but I’m a bit of a task master!

  2. I’m glad this game didn’t have an “I give up” button. Had to wrack my brain on some of them but I eventually got all 20. Games like this are exactly what I’m looking for to take my ukelele planning to the next level.

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