The Top 50 Ukulele Sites

The guys over at Boatpaddle Ukuleles have a section on their website that lists the top ukulele websites. It’s called the top 50 ukulele sites although there are closer to 200 listed now. I submitted Ukulele Go! to the listing around a week ago and I’m pleased to say it’s made the grade.

It’s actually a really good resource and I can lose a fair bit of time looking through all the other sites on there. Some are no longer being maintained but on the whole it’s a really good mix – from pro tutorial sites to local ukulele group web pages, there’s a bit of everything on there.

I’ll have to admit that I have absolutely no idea how the scoring system works. It seems to be that the more clicks you get from the site the more popular they consider your website and rank it accordingly. I could be entirely wrong though as it’s not a format that I’ve ever seen before.

Check it out when you get a spare few minutes, there’s some absolute gems on there!

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