Ukulele Finger Warm Up

It’s a good idea to have a little bit of a warm up before you start playing your ukulele. Get those fingers loosened up and ready for action. Here’s a left hand warm up routine that I’ve brought over from my guitar practice schedule…

It’s a really simple routine that effectively just climbs the frets on your ukulele up to a point and then goes back down to where you started from. Granted it isn’t going to make for an interesting tune but it will develop your finger strength and develop your left hand speed.

The best way to play through it is to assign a finger to each fret until the pattern moves up. This means that for the first 2 bars your index finger will be playing every note at the first fret, your middle finger will be playing the second fret and so on. When the pattern shifts up at the 3rd bar, slide your hand up by a single fret. Again each finger will take a fret.

ukulele warm up


To make it a bit more interesting you could set a timer and see how long it takes you to complete. Before you start getting into time battles with yourself though, make sure you’re playing through it without mistakes, take your time initially.

Here’s a PDF version of the tab which you might find useful…

Ukulele Warm Up Tab PDF

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