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The Ukulele Group Map

I’ve recently been working on a mapping tool to help people find their local ukulele group. It’s early days yet and you can see that it needs a lot more content adding but it’s a good starting point and I’m hoping that the readers of Ukulele Go will help me out a little…

Ukulele Group Map

I’ve started this one out in it’s simplest form. It has markers for ukulele groups which can be clicked for more information. There’s a button on the right so you can get in touch with me if you’d like your club adding.

I’d like to keep it to ukulele groups that are accepting new members. There’s not much point in me sending people to go and find a group that they can’t join.

Over time this will become a much larger tool with a lot more functionality and I’m very much open to suggestion on what would be useful.

In the meantime, if you play for a group or run one yourself, please do get in touch and I’ll get you listed on the map ASAP!

Ukulele Groups Map



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