ukuleles for ukraine

Ukuleles For Ukraine

Just the other day I was sent this rather beautiful video story about the Ukuleles for Ukraine project.

If you’ve not heard of Ukuleles for Ukraine before it’s a non-profit charity set up by Quinn Boylan and Mark Griffiths with the mission of taking music to orphanages in Ukraine and raising awareness. Personally I had heard of Ukuleles for Ukraine before but I didn’t know the extent of the work that was being done.

The video does a much better job than I can of explaining what it’s all about…

To date Ukuleles for Ukraine has sent 120 ukuleles to Ukraine and raised over $5,000 from donations across the world. It’s aided by sponsors Octopus Ukuleles, Southern Ukulele Store, D’Addario and Daisy Rock Girl’s Guitars.

It’s great to see the kids reactions when they first get hold of a ukulele and it’s a really touching story. I think it’s a fantastic project and it’s really nice to see the outcome of Quinn and Mark’s work. It’s also really good to see plenty of Ukulele related businesses getting on board and helping the cause.

If you’d like to know more about the project or make a donation, head on over this way…

Ukuleles For Ukraine Website

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