Big Me by Foo Fighters – Ukulele Lesson

I finally got around to recording another video lesson. I went for Big Me by the Foo Fighters (which for you kids out there, is from back when they were good)…

It’s a nice easy song to play, there’s just 6 chords in it and it converts pretty well to ukulele.


Big Me Chords

6 chords will see you through and they are C, Am, G, F, C7 and E minor. They’re pretty easy to play but if you’re an absolute beginner then E minor might pose a few problems initially. If it does, have a blast at some 60 second chord changes.

Rhythm/Strum Pattern

The good old down down up up down up sounds pretty good on this one. It’s worth mixing it up a little bit by playing the final bar as down up down up up down up to get the sound of the record shining through.

DDUUDU Strum Pattern


Have a look at the PDF song sheet to get to grips with the structure of the song. It’s split into 3 basic parts intro/verse, chorus and outro. The video breaks these down to help you through it.

Download Big Me, Foo Fighters PDF Songsheet

Hope you like it!

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