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Extreme Ways by Moby – Ukulele Lesson

I never even intended to record a lesson of this song, The Bourne Identity just happened to be on TV  the other night (it’s on basically on every night) and I started strumming along with it…

The Chords

Extreme Ways Moby Ukulele Chords

In terms of the chords, it’s pretty straightforward – it’s B minor, A and E minor repeated throughout. No major issues there.

If you’re pretty new to playing ukulele the strumming will probably be the biggest challenge, it’s fairly quick and it’s pretty difficult to explain. The best thing to do is take it really slowly and just totally forget about playing the chords to begin with. Try and get the rhythm down with your fretting hand muting the strings before progressing with the chords. That’s how I started the version I played to begin with on the video.

I kill the chords where possible after playing them by lifting my fretting hand directly after I’ve strummed to make the sound a little bit more snappy, it works fine for the B minor and E minor, it’s not quite so simple when playing the A chord as two of the strings aren’t fretted and will ring out. You can either play a barred A chord instead (which is tricky) or use your little finger of your fretting hand to mute the strings after you’ve played (also tricky) or you can just put up with it.

Good luck and hope you like it!


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