Today – Smashing Pumpkins Ukulele Riff

While I’m clamping down on playing by ear I’m probably going to be posting various little riffs and stuff on the site that I work out. Today it’s Today (that was an accident) by The Smashing Pumpkins…

This is a riff works great on the ukulele, it’s actually pretty fun to play it over the record and should sound pretty good over the top. It’s a simple one to play at the 6th fret. I play it with my index finger barring the A and E strings (bottom 2) then reaching up to the 8th fret with my ring finger and using my little finger on the 10th fret for the pull off. The pull-off is really quick, basically as soon as you play the note at the 10th fret (g) you want to pull off for the following note (d#). For your right hand, simply use your index finger for the A string and your thumb for the E, alternating between the two.

Today - Smashing Pumpkins Riff

It’s played in 4/4 timing and is a nice easy one to tap along with – tap your foot with each starting note on the A string (every time your index finger plucks if you’re playing the same way as me). It sounds like this…


When I get a little more time I’ll thrash out the chords and add them to the mix, but for now – happy playing!


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