Eastenders Theme Ukulele Tab

Let me start by saying that I cannot stand Eastenders, I’ve done this arrangement as a bit of a challenge to myself and also because someone asked me to do it…

It was pretty easy to get the melody worked out, I’ve then just played around and thrown some bass notes in here and there to beef it up a bit. It seems to work ok, I’m still learning at tabbing out tunes and constructing my own arrangements but maybe someone will find it useful…

eastenders ukulele tab

It kind of works, I’ll say I don’t think I’ve done an amazing job but it should get you on the way. I’m still working out how to about transcribing and composing. At the moment I get the basic melody down in single note form and then start adding in bass notes or switching a note out for a chord where I think it fits. I’ve no idea if that’s what the pros do!

If you prefer your tab in PDF form, then click on the link below…

Eastenders Ukulele Tab PDF

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