french dance tab

French Dance Ukulele Tab

This month I have another tab for you and this time it’s all the way from New South Wales, Australia. Huge thanks to Campbell Wilson for putting together this tab of the 16th century tune French Dance.

Here’s a clip of Campbell playing through the song so you can get a feel for it.

The Tab

This is a clever arrangement from Campbell, there’s quite a lot going on but he’s kept it really simple to play.

French Dance

Playing Tips

In terms of playing this one, it’s fairly kind on your fretting hand. Whilst there are a lot of hammer-ons and pull-offs there’s not an awful lot of shifting around. For the large part you’re going to be playing around the first 3 frets.

This is another tune that I think is great for those that maybe consider themselves past the beginner stage of learning to play ukulele. There are certainly a few challenges in there that will help you develop your skills.

A Few Words From Campbell

I primarily love arranging instrumental music for the ukulele, Classical, Celtic, Ragtime, Jazz, Blues, Hawaiian. For me, almost everything sounds great on a ukulele, there are so many wonderful tunes that will adapt perfectly from this fabulous little instrument.

When arranging tunes for the ukulele, I pay special attention to finding the best fingering solutions for the player, these solutions will generally incorporate the use of open strings and Campanella passages, both of which, allow for a more resonant sound.
For me, accessibility and playability are the key factors when arranging ukulele instrumentals, a good tune doesn’t need to be a “finger buster”.

Thanks to Campbell for providing the tab – check out his YouTube channel right here.

French Dance Ukulele Tab PDF

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  1. Lovely tune, more like this please and it helps so much being able to watch and listen to it being played.

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