It’s Time by Imagine Dragons Riff

Here’s the Mandolin riff that features on the song It’s Time by Imagine Dragons. It works really well on ukulele as you’d expect and it’s not too difficult to play…

its time imagine dragons

Playing tips

No real challenges here, you can either bar the 7th fret and use your 2nd or 3rd finger for the 9th fret or you can use your 1st finger for the G string and your 2nd finger on the A string. Personally I prefer to play it this way as the notes ring out a little longer. Probably the only issue you might have is hitting that 12th fret quickly enough – go for the pinkie and you’ll soon have it down.

It sounds even better if you get a friend to tap out the drumbeat on their ukulele and play it over the top.

If anyone wants the rest of the song, the chords are pretty much D, A, Bm, G and Em.

Head this way if you’re looking for more ukulele riffs?


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4 thoughts on “It’s Time by Imagine Dragons Riff

    1. I do have some advice, the timing for this riff is the same timing as saying…

      cof-fee, straw-be-rry, straw-be-rry, cof-fee

      Think of the syllables as the individual notes.

      Hope it helps.

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