Love Will Tear Us Apart Riff by Joy Division

Some would say that I’ve lost my path a little on this site, so this riff should bring things back on track. Also I’ve finally figured out how to make tab from GuitarPro bigger when I export it.

Love Will Tear Us Apart Riff by Joy Division

Nothing too challenging here, if you use your index finger to fret the initial E note and your third and fourth fingers to get to the 9th and 10th fret you’ll be well on your way.

Watching Peter Hook play this he tends to play it with a slightly more varied rhythm in the 3rd and 4th bar but I’ve kept this really simple and just repeated the same pattern for every bar.

You can check out this simple version as part of this video that I recently recorded…

Al Wood from Ukulele Hunt did a version that is based around chords if you fancy giving that  blast head this way


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