Love Yourself by Justin Bieber – Ukulele Riff Tab

I’m hardly a Justin Bieber fan but I do like the little picked guitar intro on this song and it works really well on the ukulele so here’s the tab…

The Tab

Love Yourself Justin Bieber Ukulele Tab

It’s a pretty straightforward one to play, it’s mainly just a case of getting the timing right. The muted notes in the tab above are really very slight – they’re not really played. The short, staccato feel is perfect for the ukulele. You’ll be playing this one in no time. It sounds something like this…

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Playing tips

Fretting Hand

Personally I start with my 2nd and 3rd fingers picking up the notes at fret 4. This allows you to then transition into using your first and second fingers for pretty much everything else. Nothing else should cause you any problems here.

Picking/Strumming Hand

To pluck or strum the notes you can go either way really. I experimented a little to start with but it sounds best (at least to me) to pick the notes with my thumb and index finger throughout.

I feel slightly better about myself knowing that Ed Sheeran was on the writing credits for this one. Who knew?

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9 thoughts on “Love Yourself by Justin Bieber – Ukulele Riff Tab

  1. Hello!
    Thank you for the demonstration. Could you also please explain what your left hand is doing? Appreciated!

    1. Hey Colleen, I’ve updated the description below the image to clarify things a little further. Hopefully it will help!

  2. I like your post. But it doesn’t sound right, being that I have a Low G string. Can you help me out? Maybe an alternative means to play the 3rd part

    1. Hey Dave, I don’t actually have any of my ukes strung low G at the moment but I think I have spare pack of low g’s somewhere. I’ll string one up and see what I can do!

      1. That would be awesome! Because it sound totally wrong with a low G. And if possible to post any other tabs that would sound great with it, it would be very much appreciated

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