One Last Time Ukulele Riff Ariana Grande

One Last Time Riff by Ariana Grande

If I’m honest, I had absolutely no idea who Ariana Grande was (I thought it was something you bought at Starbucks) so this is a bit of an unusual one for me to put on the site but what the heck?

As I was driving home the other night a song came on the radio and I thought, that opening riff is quite catchy, I wonder what it would sound like played on a ukulele?

As I got home I tasked my 12 year old son with working it out which he did very rapidly. We tabbed it out together and posted a short video of him playing it on my Instagram account

One Last Time Tab

The riff itself is fairly easy to play and can be done relatively neatly on the G, C and E strings.

One Last Time


I’d recommend starting with your index finger at the first fret and reaching up with your ring finger and pinky to get to the 3rd and 5th frets in the first bar.

For the second bar I use the same approach but the stretch is a little further getting to that 6th fret. If you watch the Instagram video you can see that Ben does it slightly differently using his first, second and third fingers to hit the notes.

As the end of the second bar as you drop onto the C string it makes sense to use your third finger at the 5th fret so you can drop back to your index finger for the D# at the 3rd fret.

Finally for the last 2  notes on the E string use your second finger to get the 4th fret and your index for the note on the 3rd fret.

That’s it!

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