Ordinary World Intro Riff by Duran Duran

It’s time for another ukulele riff – this week we’re looking at Ordinary World by Duran Duran…

I was never much of a Duran Duran fan but I think I’m on my own with that one. That said, this is a cracking song and it’s got a brilliant intro.

Ordinary World Ukulele Tab

While it’s a pretty slow song most of the notes in the intro are sixteenth notes so you end up having to play pretty quickly. In terms of timing there are some songs that I just can’t play by counting and this is one of them. The best thing to do is fire up the MP3 or a video on Youtube (see below) and play along to get the timing down.

I play almost all of the first 3 bars using my 3rd finger to fret the notes sliding up and down as needed. The only time I switch from my 3rd finger is for B note (second to last note, fret 2 of the A string) which I fret with my first finger.

All done!


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