Tour Of Duty

Paint It Black, The Rolling Stones – Ukulele Riff

A song that I will always associate with late night Vietnam War TV show Tour Of Duty. Easy enough to work out on the ukulele but I figured it was worth posting for anyone that might want it.

Paint It Black Ukulele Riff

I’ll work up a song sheet for the rest of the tune with chords and lyrics when I get chance. In the meantime, get your best pout on and start strutting!

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3 thoughts on “Paint It Black, The Rolling Stones – Ukulele Riff

  1. Thanks, I love that song and I remember loving that TV show as well. In fact the theme tune was the first time I ever heard it.

    It was also one of the first songs I wanted to learn when I got my Uke.

    1. Glad it helped Jon, I need to get the chord sheet worked up next. I never actually watched Tour of Duty but my brother watched it all the time.

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