Pictures Of Matchstick Men Riff by Status Quo

I’ve only gone and done it. I’ve got some Status Quo on Ukulele Go! 

I’ve heard this song loads of times over the years and I had absolutely no idea that it was Status Quo track. It’s got a 60’s psychedelic vibe going on that I don’t associate with the Quo at all. It’s actually a pretty cool track (he says in a surprised tone of voice).

pictures of matchstick men ukulele tab

It’s a pretty simple riff but it sounds great if you play it over the chords (D, F, C and G) so if you’ve got a friend and a spare ukulele sat around give it a go.

In terms of how to play it, I doubt you’re going to struggle but if you start with your 3rd finger fretting the opening C#/Db at the 9th fret you should be off to a flyer.

Here’s Mr Rossi giving it some with a very dubious moustache…


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