You’re Beautiful by James Blunt Solo Ukulele Arrangement

It seems every year my resolution is to transcribe and arrange more songs for ukulele, and every year I stop after just one. So here we are, this is the one for 2021…

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt is a pretty simple song but it works well enough and it’s a good level for me to transcribe into a chord melody for now.

Let’s start with me playing through my simple arrangement.

Now I was trying to mimic the video here but my wife said that I just made myself look like I was homeless. If you haven’t seen the official video it’s worth a look.

Here’s the video lesson for this song…

The Arrangement

My arrangement is really simple, it’s mainly the melody with the odd strum thrown in to pad it out a bit. It should be pretty simple of anyone that had been playing for a while and can be played exclusively with the thumb of your strumming hand.

The whole arrangement revolves around 4 chords: F, C, Dm and Bb so if you’re fancying a strum you can pretty much just repeat those throughout.

In the video above I kept the mistake that James left in the recording where he sings the opening line twice as he came in a little early. After I play the first bar from the tab above, I then strum the remaining chords before coming back to the tab and playing through.

I will have to apologise for the tab on this one as after an upgrade to my laptop operating system I can no longer open Guitar Pro 6 so have downloaded MuseScore for tabbing which definitely isn’t the most intuitive piece of software I’ve ever used. Still it’s free so I can’t complain.

You’re Beautiful Solo Ukulele Tab

If you do manage to play a version of this, I’d love to see it so drop me an email, tag me on Instagram, whatever it is the kids are doing these days.

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One thought on “You’re Beautiful by James Blunt Solo Ukulele Arrangement

  1. i just discovered your Ukulele Go page and your arrangement on You’re Beautiful.

    i would like to learn and play more songs using Ukulele Tab.
    Where do i go from here?

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