The Best Custom Painted Ukuleles

I have to say I’m dying to get myself a white ukulele and take a sharpie marker to it to see what it comes out like (EDIT, I did this you can check it out here). I keep seeing custom paint jobs that I think look amazing and I really want to have a blast myself. I’m thinking I might go for a white Octopus or a Makala Dolphin (cheap enough to mess up but something that sounds decent enough to play if it works out well). For now though here’s some of the best I’ve seen on Pinterest…

Follow NoVolume’s board Custom Ukuleles on Pinterest.

If you like the board, give it a follow on Pinterest as I’ll keep adding more as I see them, and maybe even one of my own will appear on it one day!

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2 thoughts on “The Best Custom Painted Ukuleles

  1. That’s exactly how I started! I was at home with a white Emus soprano ukulele and suddenly remembered that I had Sharpie paint markers in a drawer. I started doodling on the back and suddenly my business/hobby was born.

    In addition to my Etsy shop, you can search for UkuLeeShee on Pinterest to see some of my designs.

    It’s really fun. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Jenny, I still haven’t bought the uke yet – I’m kind of holding off, I think that’s the fear of making a mistake! I’ve had a look at some of your pins and added to the board.

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