Phil Doleman’s Brilliant Two Minute Tips Videos

I’m not sure why I’d not seen this before but today I stumbled upon Phil Doleman’s Two Minute Tips playlist on YouTube. I’ve got to say it’s a brilliant resource for ukulele players and there’s some great tips there covering everything from holding your uke to getting to grips with the dreaded E chord.

I think what sets Phil’s videos apart is that he just seems to have a natural way of explaining things in a really clear way. He gets quite a lot covered in just 2 minutes and leaves you feeling pretty good about things.

Some of my favourites from the playlist are Phil’s explanations about inversions, improving your left hand efficiency and memorising songs. Really though, they’re all great, take a look for yourself they’re well worth 2 minutes of your timeā€¦

Thanks to Phil for putting the playlist together. You can check out where Phil will be performing next over at his website!

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  1. Every single time I look at your site, I come away with helpful information. I am going to YouTube now and subscribe to Phil’s channel. Thanks for this site! It’s truly been invaluable.

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