Uke Magazine

Uke Magazine

When it comes to ukulele magazines there’s not a huge selection available in the UK. In fact, until recently there weren’t any. One man that spotted this gap in the market is Matt Warnes of Omega Music. Matt got to work in his spare time and started UKE magazine to fill the void.

Uke Magazine UK

Uke magazine is a quarterly production that Matt puts together with his wife Diane. For a largely two person production, it’s incredibly polished and you can tell that Matt is clearly a man that has a huge passion for all things ukulele.

Uke Magazine UK

Every issue has exclusive tab from some great ukulele artists (the current issue has tab from Phil Doleman and Ben Rouse – where else do you get that?), interviews, readers letters, instrument reviews and a whole lot more. If you’re like me and still prefer reading things in print form then it could just be the magazine for you.

Uke clocks in at £4.90 an issue and is available worldwide. Those of you wanting an annual subscription can grab it for £18 for 4 issues. It can be bought either from the supporting site over at or if you prefer through Amazon UK.


Special Uke Magazine Discount

Here’s some pretty good news for the readers of Ukulele Go! Matt has give me a discount code for you lucky people that will get you 10% off your purchases – it works on both single issues and an annual subscription.

Simply use the code gomag2016 at checkout to grab your 10% discount.

Uke Magazine UK

Congratulations to Matt and his wife on an excellent UK ukulele magazine.

Happy reading!

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