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I’m really pleased to welcome back Campbell Wilson with another fantastic tab arrangement for you this month.

Waltz by Dionisio Aguado has been adapted by Campbell and he’s very kindly allowed me to post the tab for you to learn from.

Here’s Campbell playing through his arrangement of Waltz…

In Campbell’s own words…

This sweet little Waltz, written by Dionisio Aguado (1784 – 1849) provides a wonderful opportunity for players to start exploring the ukulele fretboard with some reasonably simple chord shapes up & down the neck. To help make the piece more accessible, I have listed the suggested fingering positions alongside the notes in the standard notation. These fingerings will hopefully help to fast track the learning process and allow players to more quickly enjoy playing this delightful piece.

The Tab

waltz dionisio aguado

It’s great that Campbell has suggested finger positions as sometimes this can really add to the frustrations when learning more complex pieces. You can be trying your best to perfect a single bar only to find that your fingering hasn’t left you in a good position to transition to the next bar.

What I really like about this arrangement is that it’s a piece that I would consider within reach of most players out there. Taking it slowly and working a bar at a time should get you through this one.

If you liked this tune then it’s definitely worth checking out French Dance (also arranged by Campbell) which we posted way back in June 2016. Also check out Campbell’s Youtube channel for more fantastic performances.

Waltz Tab PDF

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3 thoughts on “Waltz Ukulele Tab

  1. Wonderful. As usual, Campbell’s ability to get a great tone out of any instrument makes one think this will be easy to play. And it is, but man, getting that tone…

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