SUS Ukes Soprano Gig Bag

Southern Ukulele Store Soprano Gig Bag with 10mm Padding

In anticipation of heading to the upcoming Grand Northern Ukulele festival I figured it was time to grab some kind of case for one of my ukuleles. At the moment they’re all stacked up in the corner of my living room amongst my guitars and aren’t getting much protection.

I figured that I’ll probably take my Lanikai Soprano Pineapple as I think it’s got a slightly better sound than my Peavey Concert and well, it’s a soprano so it’s easier to cart around with me.


I took a bit of a punt with the SUS Soprano gig bag as it’s not specifically made for a pineapple shape ukulele, so I wasn’t sure whether the Lanikai would even fit in it or not. The good news is that it does fit. Just. But that’s good enough for me.

Rather than go for a hard case I went with a soft one as firstly I don’t want a bulky case and I’ve got no real need for anything more than basic protection at the minute. I’m not gigging and my ukes are generally kept out of harms way – sure my kids take them and play them from time to time but they know not to jump on them, or at least I hope they do! I should also add that after booking a holiday a few weeks back, I have no money at all.


This isn’t really a review, more just a quick write-up for anyone looking for a cheap gig bag for their uke. I’m pretty happy with the SUS soprano gig bag, it does what I need it to do – maybe a pocket would have been nice but you get what you pay for and I paid £10. Well actually I paid £9 – using the ‘leaningonthelamppost’ discount code!

Soprano Gig Bag at Southern Ukulele Store

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