The Model by Kraftwerk

I’m not even sure how I ended up listening to Kraftwerk this morning but it doesn’t really matter, I ended up playing around with it on the ukulele and it kind of works ok (if you’re willing to let go a bit).

For the most part, the song consists of just 2 chords – A minor and E minor with only the bridge breaking away from this. I’ve tabbed out a very simple intro for it which should help get the feel of the song a little more. That said, I think you’ve got to be willing to play this one a bit looser – you’re never going to get the 80’s synth vibe(and yes I know it wasn’t made in the 80’s, but it feels like it was). So in the words of every X Factor judge ever, make it your own.



Strumming Pattern

For the strum patterns I’d go with something along the lines of…

D – – U D – D U 

This leaves you dropping out beat 2 which works quite nicely, but as ever don’t stick rigidly too it or it will end up feeling far too structured (this may be one time where this is a benefit though)

And here’s the songsheet…

The Model Ukulele Songsheet


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