True Detective

Far From Any Road/True Detective Ukulele Lesson and Chords

The second season of True Detective is looming (I’m saying that, I haven’t a clue when it’s going to be on) but in the meantime you can have a play around with this joyful little number that was used on the intro sequence to the first season…

The Chords

true detective chords

The chords are nice and simple, oh no wait a minute – is that an E chord? Yes it is, you’re going to have to get used to it sooner or later and why not now? The rest of the chords are pretty straightforward and shouldn’t pose any problems. If you need help with playing a E, head this way…

Rhythm/Strumming Pattern

If you want to play this one the simple way I’d opt for the good old down down up, up down up – it will do the job just fine. If you want to get closer to the original though we can make a couple of slight tweaks keeping the same pattern that will give it the right vibe.

The first thing to do is drop out the initial down strum and replace it with a picked bass note. You can pretty much get away with picking the C string throughout at the start of every bar. The tab looks something like this…


The second thing you can do is to play a roll immediately after that picked note. If you’re not sure how to do a roll, head on this way. And that’s pretty much it, that pattern just repeats throughout the whole song. Have a look at the PDF song sheet below for the progression and you’re good to go!

True Detective/Far From Any Road Ukulele PDF Songsheet



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