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Salt Del Grill – Solo Ukulele Arrangement

Salt Del Grill is a campanella study by Choan Galvez. Choan has very kindly allowed me to publish the tab here for you all to learn from…

Choan is currently working his way through a project which will see him publishing  50 short pieces for solo ukulele. Each piece is less than a minute and they’re intended to help you learn.

For the project Choan will be releasing two videos a week. The videos will be going out on Wednesday and Friday each week and can be found on his Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels. For those that want the tab, performance notes and more, you can get all this through Choan’s Patreon page.

The Tab

Salt Del Grill is a triple time campanella style piece (check this out if you’d like a gentler introduction to Campanella arrangements).

Listen to Choan play through the piece a few times to get a feel for the timing. Your ears will really help you here (and hear).

Salt Del Grill Ukulele Arrangement

For the most part, the piece is played in second position. This means that your index finger is positioned over the second fret, your second finger over the third fret, ring finger over the fourth and pinkie takes the fifth.

Choan has included suggested finger positions (shown on top of the musical notes) which should really help you out.

When it comes to pieces like this that have a level of complexity to them, I think it’s really beneficial to try and memorise them as much as possible. This can seem difficult as there’s so much to take in but I have quite a simple method that works well. Take things a bar at a time and as soon as you feel like you know it, remove the tab. Play from memory unless you forget, then have another look at the tab to jog your memory and remove it again.

I’ve found this method, although simple does a great job of getting songs into your memory.

One final note from Choan on this one:

Practice this tune using a metronome as slow as needed to make the piece sound musical. Then increase the tempo until you find your sweet spot

I would fully echo Choan’s sentiment here, this goes for every song that you’re learning. It can be so tempting to go faster but it will actually hinder your progress.

Salt Del Grill PDF Tab

Huge thanks to Choan for providing this beautiful arrangement. If you like this arrangement you should take a look at Nana Para Eva, another of his fantastic arrangement.


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