Cardboard Ukulele

Building A Ukulele Out Of Cardboard

I keep looking at ukulele luthiers and their brilliant creations. I’m pretty jealous that they can just build an instrument from nothing. Although I’ve never really had any skills when it comes to DIY or craft, I keep coming back to the idea of creating something myself.

This weekend I started building a cardboard ukulele which is probably the limit of my abilities. I’ve been chopping cardboard pretty much non-stop for most of the weekend.

It’s early days yet but it’s shaping up. I have no real idea what I’m doing but I’m working from some instructions that I found on so I guess it’s hard to go wrong (I’m pretty sure I’ll find a way though). I’m guessing the fretboard will be pretty tough to make, and also I’m not convinced it will stand up to string tension but there’s only one way to find out!

cardboard ukulele

Most of the cardboard is from the box that Ben’s Fender Strat Squier came in so the soundboard will have the Squier logo on it. Kind of cool.

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