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I’m always taking pics of my ukuleles for the website and somehow I never seem to have enough of them. Here’s a load of free ukulele photos that I took with an old iPhone 4 and some cheap clip on lenses (all of these were taken with the macro lens).

I figured that I might as well make the photos available for anyone who needs them so I’m giving them away for free. Just click on the image that you like to open the larger version and then right click to save.

Free Photo Ukulele Strings/BridgeFree Photo Grain Ukulele Free Photo Ukulele TunerFree Photo Ukulele SaddleFree Photo Ukulele Tuning Peg Macro Peavey Logo Ukulele Free Photo Ukulele FretsFree Ukulele PhotoFree Photo Ukulele Fret Markers ukulele logoukulele-0269ukulele tunerukulele woodukulele stringsukulele fretsplastic ukuleleplastic ukuleleohana ukuleleukulele bridgeukulele tunerwood ukuleleohana ukulele

Get the photos for free

If you’d like to use these any of these photos for your website, blog – maybe even your songbook at your local ukulele group then they’re freely available for you to do so. I’d be really grateful if you would credit me if you do use them but it’s not a requirement.

More free photos coming soon

It’s been a while since I took these initial shots and I now own a few more ukulele so I plan on adding a whole new batch of photos to this post for you to use. If this interests you it’s probably worth signing up to my newsletter below as that’s where I will announce any updates.

If you have any requests for pics then let me know!


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