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I’ve had this website for a while now and I think it’s high time that I got to know my readers a little bit better. Aside from the comments and the occasional email it’s a bit of a one way street with me throwing out my content and not knowing whether anyone is finding it useful or not.

So it’s time to tell me about you! I’ve made a short survey to try and find out a little bit more about you. I’d be hugely appreciative if you would take the time to fill it out (it’ll only take around 1 minute of your time).

Thanks for your time!

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3 thoughts on “Tell Me About You

  1. I have had my Ohana soprano ukulele for 1 week now. I call her “Cecily” from the Latin, “musical”, and I am in love with her. I am 75, and finding that my hands are a bit stiff now, but I am determined to make my Cecily sing one day. Your web site is so helpful to a beginner like me. Finger picking is my favourite way to play, but strumming is good too. My Cecily just sounds so good.
    Thank you for all your help so far. Your web site is great.

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