Ukulele Calendar 2015

I spotted this brilliant ukulele calendar a few weeks back and I have to admit, initially it passed me by. I made a mental note to download it but something else came up and I totally forgot to come back to it. For one reason or another I spotted another reference to it a few weeks on and finally downloaded it and I’m really glad I did!


The calendar, put together by Andreas Lammers is a freebie (which is always good) and has original material in it from the likes of James Hill, Will Grove-White and Alistair Wood. It’s beautifully put together and has some brilliant illustration work in it. I found myself sitting there going through the months and reading the tips with my ukulele in hand.


There’s some really great content on the calendar: January’s ukulele 101, April’s Z Chord, August’s oblong circle of fifths and loads more.

Head this way to download the calendar for yourself!

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