Ukulele T-shirt

Ukulele Strings T-Shirt

Allow me to present the Ukulele Go t-shirt! I wanted a ukulele t-shirt that didn’t explicitly say ukulele but was subtle enough for any other ukulele players to be able to recognise it. And so I came up with the 4 strings idea.

Ukulele T-Shirt

I just received mine back yesterday and it came out really well. The t-shirt quality is good, not too thin and the print seems pretty decent too. If you want to grab one I have them available to buy through Spreadshirt for £15.50. Mens and womens are available in loads of sizes.

Ukulele T-Shirt

Buy Ukulele Strings T-Shirt On Spreadshirt

Grab my free Ukulele Go! beginners pack.

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