Amazing Grace Chord Melody Ukulele Tab

I found this great ukulele tab of Amazing Grace recently in Wilfried Welti’s book Erste Übungsstücke für Solo Ukulele. I dropped Wilfried an email and asked if he would be willing to let me publish it here and he very kindly agreed…

Amazing Grace Tab

This is a great version for those of you that are looking to get started with fingerpicking and chord melodies. It isn’t too challenging and it’s a song that works really well at a slow pace so you don’t need to rush things.

The arrangement is heavily centred around the chords C, F and Bb so if you’ve got those chords nailed then this shouldn’t be too challenging for you.


Playing Tips

Personally I play this one a few ways. Sometimes I will play it entirely with my thumb, which works but sometimes it leaves you having to move your thumb pretty quickly to get it ready for a strum. The way I tend to play it more often is using my thumb for the strums and the top 2 strings. Any individual notes on the E and A strings I play with my index and middle fingers (index for the E and middle for the A). This is how I’m playing it on the video below.

Another option would be to play it using a classic 4 finger style approach (thumb for the G string, index for the C, middle for E and ring playing the A), That would then leave you playing fake strums rather than actual strums. It works well but personally I like the sound better when you’re actually strumming rather than faking it.

Erste Übungsstücke für Solo Ukulele

I’d highly recommend heading over to Wilfried’s site and grabbing a copy of his ebook (it’s free). There are 35 arrangements for you to tackle – some you will know, others you won’t. All of Wilfried’s books are currently written in German but he’s working on translations. For none German speakers like myself it’s not too much of a problem – tab is tab.

Happy playing!


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  1. I’m trying to harmonize the melody What a wonderful world. Could you recommend me other books that explain in details how to add chords to a melody.

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